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What is wrong with Spotify And Apple ?Apple and Spotify

Spotify boss expects further opening at Apple
After the EU antitrust complaint, the Spotify boss sees the first signs of opening at Apple. But there remains a long way to go to a "fair platform".

Spotify boss Daniel Ek expects Apple to make further concessions to third-party providers and competing services. He expects Apple to open up - "in the long run," as Ek explained in an interview. Spotify filed a complaint against Apple with the EU Commission a year ago, as a platform operator, the iPhone manufacturer is hindering competition and gaining "unfair advantages".

A dispute about commission and interfaces
Apple is already moving in the "right direction," the Spotify boss told Bloomberg TV. One sees himself "encouraged" by the fact that Apple's voice assistance system can now also be used to control music streaming services other than just Apple Music. Spotify was also finally able to offer apps for Apple Watch and Apple TV, which until recently had been impossible. Which Apple restrictions Ek specifically refers to remains unclear. However, "many, many steps" are still necessary before Apple can be seen as an "open and fair platform", Ek continues.

The crux of the business dispute is Apple's guidelines for the sale of digital content in the App Store: providers must integrate Apple as a payment service provider and thus pay up to 30 percent of the sales price to the iPhone manufacturer. Apps are also prohibited from referring to external options for completing a subscription - such as your own website. Spotify sees itself primarily at a disadvantage here, as Apple is a direct competitor through its own music streaming service. Apple rejected the allegations that Spotify was handling misleading numbers.

Will iOS users soon be able to set standard apps?
In a surprising step, Apple recently allowed Amazon to bill for the purchase of films and TV series via its own payment interface in the Prime Video app. According to Apple, this option has so far only been granted to selected video services - in addition to Amazon, there are two other regional providers.

According to reports, the company is also considering lifting further restrictions, for example, users could be given the option to set their own browser as the default browser in iOS and iPad. You may also be able to set a standard music service in Siri in the future. Apple is also expected to open the HomePod WiFi speaker for direct integration of third-party music services such as Spotify.

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