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World Influence Of 5G Devices on Covid

I don't have a 5G phone yet, and since no one sent me, and that is my money, I think I'll see if I can find and buy the best 5G phone out there. I know it's not a cheap date. My last cellphone from Motorola cost around the US $ 450, and this is already a champion, but not 5G.


Now, if you are in the US, you don't just want 5G - you want millimeter (mmWave) - and there are only three phones on the market that have it (which I can find). 

They are Samsung Galaxy S20 + 5G, LG V60 ThinQ 5G UW, and One Plus 8 Pro. But the only phone that has complete technology is the One Plus 8 Pro, so I ordered it from Amazon and three days later I got a call.

This phone is the first phone that I got that has a fingerprint sensor under the screen, which makes it easier to hit than the sensor on the back of the phone. By the way, Apple's face recognition things, as they are now being found, don't work well when you wear face masks, which makes the fingerprint sensor much more reliable and important.

My One Plus 8 Pro is metallic blue. It also comes in green and black, but the blue that I got looks the best for me - and it is one of the prettiest phones I've ever seen. Both are narrower and a bit taller than the Motorola I retired, but that makes it more fitting in my hand.

It's waterproof and doesn't have a headphone jack, which is pretty standard on waterproof phones and uses wireless charging, which I become a fan of because I often plug my cellphone into the charger at night in a dark room (because my wife often goes to sleep before I did) and found that the cursed USB-C socket was rather annoying.

The screen to die because it has an insane refresh rate of 120Hz and samples at 240Hz, which is what you see on a gaming PC, not a phone. It also uses high-end Pixelworks technology, which provides better images and lower power requirements compared to mobile phones that do not have these components.
One Plus 8 Pro smartphone / Amazon

One Plus 8 Pro smartphone

One Plus 8 Pro

One Plus 8 Pro has four cameras on its back. 8MP hybrid with a 30x digital zoom camera, 48MP wide-angle camera, 48MP main camera, and 5MP color filter camera. Even though this may be more than we need, the picture it takes is amazing, even in the dark.
Oh, and this is one of the few phones that has an amazing Qualcomm 865 processor so it's about 25 percent faster than previous smartphones, like the current generation iPhone. It also has fast charging, which makes you charged 50 percent of the dead in 23 minutes.

Another area where this cellphone stands out is sound, which is very impressive. It's hard to believe a sound like this came out of such a small device. Although I usually use wireless earbuds so that I don't drive my wife crazy, the ability to stream music while I'm working in my car and have great music sounds is a real plus. Also, this is one of the Dolby Atmos phones which means good with movie soundtracks.

Around $ 900, it's not cheap, but the price is below many of the other top phones on the market, making it a kind of value - but not the value of the previous One Plus phones. Keep in mind that most of the performance benefits of this phone will occur when you are in the range of 5G cell towers and mmWave transceivers.

I find that the most fun thing I've experienced with this phone is showing iPhone users how well the video works on One Plus 8 Pro - and partly because I enjoy making iPhone users fun, One Plus 8 Pro is my product this week. Last April, a conspiracy theory about the Coronavirus (Covid-19) spread by saying that if the virus is directly related to the 5G technology used in the UK today.

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